Год производства: 2014 г.
Жанр: All sex, Amateur, Hairy, Casting, Hardcore
Продолжительность: 00:44:34

Pussies... There are all sorts of pussies out there, big ones, small ones, trim ones, bald ones and my personal favourite... Big, natural hairy pussies. During the next interview I asked Savannah why she thought she'd be good for porn? Where she replied, ?I'm very natural?. Well shiver me timbers, when those knickers came down she wasn't fucking kidding! I was half expecting a fucking bengal tiger to come pouncing out of that jungle! Wow. Like I said, I find this a real turn on. Apart from the pussy, I knew this was going to be a good interview when she said she wanted to do porn and was a bit of a wild one. Game on. After selling her the dream she quickly came around to my way of thinking and wasn't long before she was fingering herself vigorously. Good girl. Though when it came to the blowjob I really wasn't expecting her to be quite as good as she turned out to be! This girl knows how to handle a cock and has a real aptitude for deep throat! Top marks. Now it was my turn to get my fingers and tongue into pussy galore. Slurping, licking and delving deep brought her right up to temperature... Yes you guessed it. It was time to send in the general. My god her pussy felt good, I fucked her in a few of my favourite position, then the fun really began when she got on top. What a ride! She really knew how to work the cock on top, grinding, pounding, sliding. Wow. The time had come to empty my balls, but this girl had one more trick up her sleeve. As she was wanking me off I fingered her pretty hard and she not only orgasmed, but squirted pussy juice fucking everywhere. Guys and girls, what an interview, enjoy.

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Savannah (Episode 63) (2014) HD 1080p | 2 GB 

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